Configuring Windows Updates on Windows 2003/2008 to benefit your organization

There are advantages to configuring Windows Updates to automatically install on workstations. However, having Windows updates set to automatically install can be catastrophic to the organization. The default Windows Update time is 3 AM, which can cause interference with backing up data, month and year end reporting, and users working late on a project.

Here is how to configure Windows Updates for Windows Server 2003/2008.

  1. Click on Server Manager on the task bar.
  2. Under Security Information click on Configure Updates.
  3. Select Change Settings
  4. Under Important Updates select  “Download updates but let me choose  whether to install them”
  5. If you have limited Internet bandwidth, you might want to select “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.” This will allow you to choose a good time when the organization is not placing a load on your Internet.
  6. Now, go to and sign up for security notifications. Businesses today rely heavily upon data housed within the Windows server environment. Can you afford not to know what could prove to be a liability to the live-blood of your business.

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